Evelyn Mackin Grant

Evelyn Mackin Grant for Education by a Traveling Hand Therapist

A salute to Evelyn J. Mackin, PT
Evelyn J. Mackin, PT graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, Graduate Hospital School of Physical Therapy in 1944. Two years later she began working with her mentor, James M. Hunter, M.D. and his partner Lawrence H. Schneider, M.D.  Together, they founded the Hand Rehabilitation Center in 1972, known today as the Philadelphia Hand Center. In 1976 they developed a premier Hand rehabilitation educational experience, still ongoing as the Philadelphia Hand Meeting.

Evelyn was one of the six original founders of the ASHT and served as its president in 1981. Her crowning achievement through years of enthusiasm and vision was the creation of the JOURNAL of HAND THERAPY in 1987 where she served as its first editor-in-chief until 1998. She was instrumental in developing the International Federation of Societies for Hand Therapists, serving as its first president from 1986-1992.

The world over, she is known for her passion for travel and education. Her teaching and publication history are extensive. Evelyn was one of the four original editors and an author of Rehabilitation of the Hand, affectionately known as “The Bible of Hand Therapy.” Her contributions to the science and dissemination of science of hand therapy has and will be experienced by generations.

Evelyn Mackin truly embodies the ideals of a hand therapist. Her passion for hand therapy and selfless sharing of knowledge are reflected in this award.

PURPOSE: In 2005, the AHTF established a grant in recognition of Evelyn. The purpose of the award is to foster professional relationships throughout the international hand therapy community and increase the visibility and quality of hand and upper limb rehabilitation all over the world through education and communication.

This prestigious award is given to an occupational or physical therapist who will be traveling to an under served area, has contributed to the body of knowledge of hand therapy through teaching, volunteering or participating in research. The recipient travels to a single or various hand therapy facilities, presenting on any domain of hand therapy. Then upon his or her return shares the “pearls” learned from the experience.


Up to $5,000.00.


A descriptive study, qualitative study, and/or collection of related case studies can be used to describe the experience.

The Evelyn Mackin Grant for Education by a Traveling Hand Therapist is a prestigious award given to an occupational or physical therapist who has contributed to Hand Therapy through teaching, volunteer service, inter-professional medical education, research and/or publications in hand therapy. The therapist receiving this award must exhibit a passion for learning and a willingness to contribute newly acquired knowledge to colleagues in the profession through written communications and/or professional presentations and clinical interactions. The AHTF is proud to bestow this award to a fellow hand therapist on an annual basis.

Grant award:
Reimbursement of travel and educational materials up $3,000.00 US (three thousand US dollars) depending upon qualified application, may be used only for the proposed educational visit by a travelling therapist.

Recipient must be a current member of the American Society of Hand Therapists or a Certified Hand Therapist actively practicing hand therapy, and with the freedom to travel for a minimum of five business days. Recipient may not be concurrently applying for any other AHFT grant, nor be the recipient of an AHTF grant in the past five years.

To receive the Evelyn Mackin Grant for Education by a Traveling Hand Therapist, the candidate must demonstrate active participation in the profession in at least two of the following areas:

  • Teaching
  • Formal Learning (inter-professional medical)
  • Independent study (inter-professional medical)
  • Publications
  • Research
  • Grants writing and/or funding
  • Professional volunteer service
  • Received awards
  • Developing a new product or treatment techniques to benefit hand therapy.

The applicant must adhere to the following requirements:

  1. Application submission: Submit an Evelyn Mackin Grant for Education by a Traveling Hand Therapist application on or before February 28 of the award year.
  2. Applications should be emailed to the Director of Grants, Caroline W. Stegink-Jansen, PhD, PT, CHT at  ahtfgrants@gmail.com.
  3. All application materials must be submitted electronically. See application form for the required information.
    1. Two electronic files are required, one with complete applicant contact information, the second with no applicant identification (for blinding purposes).
    2. Along with the applications, submit a current curriculum vitae.
    3. Disclose any relationships (blood, marriage, adoption; employment and professional) to persons with a direct interest or of influence in the AHTF, such as board or committee member, or significant donors when known.

After receiving approval for funding:

  1. Submit a request to the AHTF Treasurer for the total amount of the proposed funding once the award has been announced, and provide receipts once the expenses have been incurred.
  2. Directly apply the grant funds to proposed and approved travel expenses incurred in the visit to the clinical setting(s) for which the grant was awarded.
  3. Complete the project within one calendar year of receipt of funds. No time extensions will be considered.
  4. Submit a written report detailing the educational experience. The report is due to AHTF Grant Committee within 60 days of returning from the visitation(s).
  5. Remaining moneys need to be returned to the AHTF foundation within one year after the moneys have been provided to the awardee.
  6. Prepare succinct audio-visual presentation or poster presentation of the experience for live delivery at the subsequent ASHT Annual Meeting, emphasizing the “pearls” learned. Actual live presentation will be at the discretion of the ASHT.

ASHT has right of first refusal, and if refused, then the applicant may submit the presentation to an in-kind meeting.

Additional Optional Responsibilities:
The recipient, at his/her discretion, is encouraged to expand upon the above required report in the form of a manuscript submission for consideration for publication in the JOURNAL of HAND THERAPY (or other professional journal) and/or a poster presentation at the ASHT Annual Meeting. If any presentation or publication is accepted, the recipient will give appropriate citation of the AHTF as the funding source of the grant. The AHTF Grant Committee will be provided reprints of any such publications.

Award notification:
All applicants will be notified of the Board’s decision on or before June 1st of the same year of the application submission. Recipients are encouraged to attend the ASHT Annual Meeting to receive public recognition of their award.

For further inquiries, prospective applicants may contact the Director of Grants, Caroline W. Stegink-Jansen, PhD, PT, CHT at ahtfgrants@gmail.com.