The mission of the American Hand Therapy Foundation is improve patient outcomes by promoting evidence-based practice through funding clinical and scientific research and education.

Our focus is to support novice and experienced researchers who are able to expand the scientific evidence, visibility, and quality of upper extremity and hand rehabilitation.  As a goal of the funding process, opportunities are provided for new researchers to complete standard grant application forms, to demonstrate expertise as a principal investigator, to be responsible for handling budgeted funds, and to collect pilot data for larger funding opportunities.

The AHTF has established, maintained, and grown its grant program since its inception. We have aggressive plans to raise additional funding to continue growing the grant program well into the future.

Current Grants

The American Hand Therapy Foundation (AHTF) has the following grants/awards available:

    1. The Burkhalter New Investigator Grant  for clinical research in hand and upper limb rehabilitation (funding up to $10,000) for a researcher who lacks research experience and has received minimal to no funding.
    2. The Judy Bell-Krotoski Grab the Evidence Grant  for basic science and studies to grow the evidence-base that supports hand therapy and upper limb rehabilitation (funding up to $10,000).
    3. -The Evelyn Mackin Traveling Hand Therapist Award   is designed to fund a practicing occupational or physical therapist, who is a current member of the American Society of Hand Therapists and a Certified Hand Therapist to travel to an area (US or abroad) that lacks training and access to hand therapy to present on a specific domain of hand therapy (funding up to $5000).
    4. -The Janet Albrecht Memorial Scholarship will be a new addition to the American Hand Therapy Foundation awards in 2019. The award provides funding for professional development to support an Occupational Therapist (OT) or Physical Therapist (PT)  interested in pursuing the certification in hand therapy and/or a post-professional advanced degree.

Through the Tri Alliance (ASHT, AHTF, HTCC), the following Grants are available

    1. -The Mary Kasch Scholarship in recognition of Mary C. Kasch, FAOTA, OTR, CHT. This award is to assist a well-deserving occupational therapist or physical therapist to receive a financial scholarship to facilitate in the process of becoming a certified hand therapist (funding up to $1,500).
    2. -The ASHT Founders Award seeks to promote meaningful research in hand therapy through the funding of one or more grants (funding up to $30,000).

All AHTF funded grants are contingent upon receipt of qualified applications. Acceptance is through a peer-review process. The application deadline is February 28th each year for the AHTF grants. Mary Kasch Scholarship deadline is March 1st. Founders Grant deadline is March 1st. (If you missed an earlier deadline, plan now to apply for next year based on this information, and revisit for updated submission requirements before the next Feb. 28th.) Policies:

  1. Scope of Research: The focus of the research must be within the domain of hand therapy, ranging from entry-level through more advanced lines of inquiry. The ASHT Founders Grant will only be awarded when proposals are sufficient in perceived feasibility and relevance to hand therapy. The appropriateness of the proposed research will be determined by the peer reviewers.
  2. Eligibility:  Occupational or physical therapist clinicians, graduate students, or tenured/untenured faculty at accredited occupational/physical therapy programs are eligible for this award. At least one member of the research team must be a member of ASHT and his or her role in the proposed research must be clearly defined and significant to the project. AHTF board members are not eligible for any of the awards. ASHT board members and the ASHT Research Division Director are not eligible for the Founder’s Grant.
  3. Funding: Funding is distributed by the AHTF. The proposed budget must be for direct costs of conducting the research only. Funding can be used for consultants, equipment, supplies, patient care costs, or other itemized expenses. Start-up costs, including computers and basic computer software (ie, SPSS, Office), are not funded. Indirect costs are not funded, and salary support is not provided for any of the applicants. Also, no travel or publication expenses are covered and should not be included in the budget. The detailed budget must be itemized and include adequate justification.
  4. Obligation: Complete the project within 3 years of the funding. One-year extensions may be provided on a case-by-case basis and requests should be submitted by July 1 of the third year following the award. Grantees will be required to share their findings at the ASHT annual meeting and submit a publication to the Journal of Hand Therapy. A scientific abstract should be submitted to ASHT within one year of study completion. Grantees will also be required to submit their completed research to a peer-reviewed journal for publication within one year following the completion of the project. The AHTF should be listed as the funding source in publications or presentations.
  5. IRB Approval: IRB approval is required at the time of the application submission in 2019.