Burkhalter New Investigator Grant

Burkhalter New Investigator Grant for Clinical Research in Hand and Upper Limb Rehabilitation

PURPOSE: In 1993, the AHTF established a grant in honor of Dr. William Burkhalter (1928-1992), a long-time advocate and promoter of hand therapy. The purpose of the award is to support scientific clinical research in the field of hand and upper limb rehabilitation. Preference is given to applicants who are novice occupational or physical therapist investigators.

Authors are encouraged to submit research projects that address the AHTF research priorities published in the Journal of Hand therapy (Reference: MacDermid et al, (2002). A research agenda for hand therapy J. Hand Therapy, 15(1), 3-15).


Up to $10,000.00


Experimental, non-experimental, pilot studies, quasi-experimental, measurement, or qualitative studies designed to advance the clinical practice of hand and upper extremity rehabilitation in categories identified by the AHTF research priorities will be considered.

To qualify for this award, the applicant(s) must:

1)   Be an individual who lacks research experience as a principal investigator or one who has received minimal to no funding for scholarly activities.  An applicant can apply for only one of the four AHTF grants and not be recipient of an AHTF grant in the past five years.

2)   Be an occupational and/or physical therapist who has specialized in the practice, instruction, and/or research of hand and upper extremity rehabilitation.

3)   Disclose any relationships (blood, marriage, adoption, employment) to persons with an interest in AHTF such as board members, committee review members, or significant donors when known.

4)   Use the funds to cover the expenses of consultants, equipment, supplies, patient care costs or other itemized expenses related to completing the project.  No funding will be provided for salary of the investigators, or for other expenses such as indirect costs, travel expenses, or start-up equipment such as computers or basic computer programs (e.g. SPSS, Office, etc).

5)   Once the funding has been awarded, attach a copy of the facility IRB approval as appropriate or at a minimum a description of the participants’ protection of rights and information.

6)   Submit a request to the AHTF Treasurer for the total amount of proposed funding once the award has been announced.

7)   Annual reports are required, including a summary of expenditures, to be sent to the Director of Grants and the Treasurer of the AHTF. Provide receipts to the AHTF Treasurer once the expenses have been incurred. Moneys remaining after completion of the study should be returned to the treasurer of the AHTF.

8)   Complete the project, as approved, within three calendar years of the award.  Funding for project extensions will be decided on a case by case basis by the Director of Grants.  Extension may not exceed more than one year.

9)   Submit a research article to the “Journal of Hand Therapy” following completion of the project.  The article should report the findings of the research project.  Inability to submit the article within a timely fashion should be communicated to the Director of Grants of the AHTF.

10) If the findings are published in a professional journal, presented at a professional meeting, and/or given media coverage, the AHTF should be given appropriate credit as the funding source.  The Grant Review Chairperson should be supplied with reprints of any publication based on funded research.