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BURKHALTER New Investigator grant


Year Burkhalter Grant
2023 Emily S. Ho, PhD, Med, OTReg (Ont), Lexi Davidson, BSc, MSc(c); Christine Novak, PhD, PT; & Samantha Anthony, PhD.
Shouldering the Burdens of Adulthood — “An Exploratory Study on the Predictors of Lifelong Participation in Adults with Upper Limb Conditions”
2022 Christine Mulligan, OTD, CHT, Celeste Freeman, OTR/L, CHT, and Giovanna Fichera, OTD student — “Implementing a Novel Splinting Technique Using 3D models for Patients with Scleroderma and Arthritis”
2020 Emily S. Ho, PhD, Med, OTReg (Ont) – “Musculoskeletal Characteristics of Elbow Flexion Contractures in Infants and Children with Brachial Plexus Birth Injury”


Brocha Stern, OTR, MOT, CHT – “Self-Management in Adults after Distal Radius Fracture: A Mixed Methods Exploration”.
2016 Joseph Day, PhD, MS, PT, B.S
Project entitled: “The Effect of Scapular Muscle Strengthening on Functional Recovery in Patients with Lateral Epicondylalgia”
Awarded by AHTF Board approval:
2015 Kim McVeigh, Stephanie Kannas, Cindy Ivy, Peter Murray. The Efficacy of Dynamic Stabilization of the First CMC: A Prospective Randomized Study.
2009 Corey Weston McGee OTR, CHT, PhD student, University of Minnesota Twin Cites. Required hand grip forces for successful manual task performance. Fund with conditions
2008  Erika Lewis EdD, MSPT, CHT     Trigger finger treatment; an outcomes study.
2008 Marcio Jose dos Santos PhD, PT   Modulation of grip force in individuals with osteoarthritis of the hands.
2006 Rebecca L. Von Der Heyde, PhD, OTR/L, CHT  The effects of shared decision making on patients with carpal tunnel syndrome.
2002 Gail Groth OT   Survey of Flexor Tendon Rehabilitation Practice Areas.
2001 Ayse Ozcan PhD, PT   The age related sensorial changes in healthy subjects.
2000 Orit Shechtman PhD, OT  Using the torque-velocity test of the BTE-Primus to measure sincerity of effort of grip strength.
1999 Carla Cleary MPT, CHT & Kathy Sanders PT   A comparison of potassium iodine and saline iontophoresis on scar pliability.
1998 Janet Poole PhD, OT  Short term outcome following basal joint arthroplasty and occupational therapy, a pilot study
1996 Jennifer Wuori PhD  The effects of bracing on grip strength and pain levels in lateral epicondyle
1994 Cathy Mishek O-Brien OT  Health and comfort of the VDT workstations.
1992 Siaw Chui Chai, Ph.D Candidate. Hand Discomfort and Hand Function Status among Piano Students; University of New York; dept OT and Collega of Occupational Therapy, Malaisa

Judy Bell-Krotoski "Grab the Evidence"

Year  Grab the Evidence Grant (created 2002)
2023 Sarah Doerrer, PhD, OTR/L, CHT, CLT, for “The Impact of Early ADL participation on Functional Outcomes Post Distal Radius Fracture”
2022 Tara Packham, OTReg(Ont.), PhD, for “Reliability and Validity of Somatosensory Measurement Techniques: A Proof-of-Principle Measurement Study of Novel Tools to Evaluate Altered Sensation”
2019 Sandy C. Takata, OTR/L, OTD, for “Informing a Precision Medicine Approach to Post-Surgical Flexor Tendon Rehabilitation using Sonography.”
2016 Corey McGee, PhD, MS, OTR/L, CHT and Ann Van Heest, MD Graded Motor Imagery for Women at Risk for Developing Type I CRPS following Closed Treatment of Distal Radius Fractures: A Pilot Randomized Comparative Effectiveness Trial.
2011 Sharon Flinn, OTR, PhD  Overuse injuries in the unaffected limbs of persons with hand amputations. Ohio State Uiversity. Columbus, Ohio.
2008 Raviniran Appuni BSPT, CHT   Optimizing therapy dosage and use of hydrotherapy following rotator cuff repair; randomized, factorial study.
2002 Caroline Jansen PhD, PT   Symptom-focused Severity of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
1992 Aviva Wolff, OTR, EdD, CHT Planning and execution of grasp in children with hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy. Hospital for Special Surgery, New York

Janet Albrecht Memorial Scholarship

Year  Janet Albrecht Memorial Scholarship (created 2019)
2023 Rebecca J. Zorn, MS, OTR/L
2022 Andrew Naylor, OTR/L
2019 Danielle Stairs, MS, OTR/L – preparation to sit Hand Therapy Certification Examination.


Year  Mackin Travel Grant (created 2005)
2023 Nathan Short, PhD, OTD, OTR/L, CHT, for “Equipping Ukrainian Therapists in Upper Extremity and Hand Rehabilitation”
2013  Jane Fedorczyk, PT, PhD, CHT, ATC, Guatamala; Department of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Sciences, Drexel University.
2011 Jennifer Frydle OTR/LCHT. Education exchange in Peru. Oregon Health and Science University. Portland Oregon.
2009  Elizabeth Mayland MS, OTR, CHT-Loyola University Medical Ctr. Tendon transfers for tetraplegia. Fund with conditions
2009 Gail Groth OTR, CHT, PhD student, University of Wisconsin Madison. Heighten awareness of international hand therapy practice, flexor tendon rehabilitation. Fund with conditions.
2007 Susan Blackmore, MS, OTR/L, CHT    Surgicorps Trip to Equador, South America
2005 Debby Schwartz, OTR, CHT Hands Across the Water, A trip to Norway and London.

ASHT Founders Award

Year  Founders Grant
2019 Aviva Wolff, EdD, OT, CHT, for her project entitled “Effects of an Education and Prevention Program on Reducing Upper Extremity Injury in Musicians.”
2016 Neha Dewan PT, PhD Candidate and Joy MacDermid, PT, PhD.  “Home safety leading to bone safety: Validation and feasibility testing for using GoPro video-  technology to assess home fall risk in women following distal radius fracture”.
Folarin Babatunde PT, PhD Candidate, also McMaster University, mentored by Joy MacDermid, for the project “Physiotherapist-delivered internet-based behavior change intervention (i-bci) for managing psychosocial problems after a distal radius fracture: a pilot and feasibility study.”
2015 Karen Harpster, OT. Co-PI: Jenny Dorich. OT Improving hand function using a McKie thumb splint or kinesiology tape for thumb‐in‐palm deformity in children with cerebral palsy: A pilot study.
2014 Shawn C. Roll, PhD, OTR/L, , CWCE, RMSK, PI, David Black, PhD, Janice D. Rocker, MS, OTR/L, CHT, Aimee Aguillon, OTR/L, CHT:  “Effects of Mind-Body Interventions on Stress, Anxiety, and Pain in Hand Therapy Patients
2013 Sam Leitkam, MS (PhD Candidate), Tamara Reid Bush, MS, PhD and Jeanine Beasley, EdD, OTR, CHT, FAOTA: Concurrent Validity of Goniometric and 3D Motion   Ann M Lucado, PT, PhD, CHT Scapular Muscle Strength and Activity in Recreational Tennis Players with Lateral Epicondylalgia.Capture Measurements of the Hand and their Effects on a Model of Finger Functionality for Clinical Assessment.

Paul van Lede Orthotic Scholarship sponsored by Orfit Industries

Year  Scholarship
2023 Maya N. Bell, M.Ed.,OTD,OTR/L. Lieutenant Commander, US Navy, Doctor of Occupational Therapy


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