The following represent examples of recent peer-reviewed publications and educational / scientific presentations that were made possible in part by AHTF grants (names of grantees are highlighted).

Burkhalter New Investigator Grant:

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Evelyn Mackin Grant

2005: Schwartz, DA. Hands across the water: clinical observations of hand therapy practices in Great Britain and Norway. J Hand Ther.2006;19:358-364.

Judy Bell-Krotoski Grab the Evidence Grant

2009: Flinn SR, Goodman G. Effective assessments to identify overuse injuries in unaffected limbs of persons with unilateral upper limb amputations. J Hand Ther.2021;34:298-308.

2016: McGee C, Skye J, Van Heest A. Graded motor imagery for women at risk for developing type I CRPS following closed treatment of distal radius fractures: A randomized comparative effectiveness trial protocol a randomized comparative effectiveness trial protocol. BMC Musculoskelet Disord. 2018;19(1):202-215

Tri-Alliance Grant Honoring the ASHT Founders

2013: Leitkam S, Bush TR, Beasley J, Buschman J. Concurrent validity of goniometric and 3D motion capture measurements of the hand and their effects on a model of finger functionality for clinical assessment. J Hand Ther. 2016;29(3):371-372.

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Dewan N, Ziebart C, Dabbagh A, MacDermid J.  GoPro Video-based Therapist-rating of comprehensive-home-fall-hazard-checklist shows excellent inter-rater reliability for postmenopausal women with distal radius fracture – a technical report. J Hand Ther 2023. Published online


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