A Message From the Chairman – Greg Pitts

Publish Date: September 23, 2016
Board-GregPittsHello everyone, I want to thank all of you the participated in all of the AHTF Annual events. The breakfast for the scholar was a huge success with sponsorship from with sponsorship provided by Mark Beihl, CEO of NorthCoast Medical the foundation realized profit from all that attended the event. Susan Blackmore provided an excellent lecture on the future trends a hand therapy. The foundation also offered for a donation a Paul Brand tape entitled what your mother never taught you about muscles. This and many other videos from Paul Brand will be available on the website soon for a donation to the AHTF.

The 2017 year is exciting with total grant funds exceeding $33,000. The AHTF Board of Directors works for the entire profession of hand therapy. The members of the board of Directors donate their time talent and travel free of charge to maximize the donations received to the foundation. The foundation needs your help to realize our go to support evidence-based practice to facilitate the profession of hand therapy. Please make a donation to support the future of your profession. Thank you.

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