Registration for our Second Annual Virtual 5K Run/Walk is now open! Last year, the event raised over $6000 for AHTF, and strengthened our ability to provide larger grants for upper extremity research. Our hope is that was only the beginning! The event runs through the end of Hand Therapy Week, and provides an opportunity to join with friends, colleagues, and family to support and promote our specialty.

Complete a 5K run or walk by the end of Hand Therapy Week (June 11th) to promote AHTF and hand therapy research. Participate in a walk or run at your own pace and location of your choosing. Invite your colleagues, friends and family to join in this fun and meaningful event. Minimum entry fee is $35 per participant, but we also invite you to have others “sponsor” your participation.

While $6000 was a nice amount for a first attempt, all our goals should be set MUCH higher. That amount is the equivalent of every CHT contributing just $1 to support research and we can, and must do better.

We commonly stress the importance of research in our professional papers and presentations; however, the funding sources for upper extremity rehabilitation research are very limited. AHTF would like nothing more than to fund impactful research! If we don’t support our own research, it is difficult to expect other funding sources to support these efforts.

As the weather warms up, (and those of us in cooler climates can emerge from hibernation) please take the opportunity to get some fresh air, and unite to help strengthen the growing body of knowledge which is essential to our professional future.

Share your achievement! Send us a photo from your event to post on our website. For those of you who simply wish to donate to support this event, use the form on this page or visit our event listing on Eventbrite.

Join us in celebrating Hand Therapy week and raising funds for hand therapy research!

AHTF would like to thank the following corporate donors for supporting the 5k Run for Research.

Grant & Scholarship Deadlines

Evelyn Mackin Grant for Education by a Traveling Hand Therapist
Amount: $3,000, Application Date: February 28

William Burkhalter New Investigator Grant for Clinical Research in Hand and Upper Limb Rehabilitation
Amount: $5,000, Application Date: February 28

Judy Bell-Krotoski Grab the Evidence for Basic Science Research and Evidenced Based Studies
Amount: $10,000, Application Date: February 28

ASHT Founders Grant Tri-Alliance for 2017
Amount: $15,000, Application Date: February 28

Mary Kasch Scholarship
Amount: $1,600 Tri-Alliance, Application Date: March 1 to